Griot in Training

(grēˈō) - A preserver of culture; an archivist of his or her people. This annointed storyteller travels and shares their heritage through songs, poems, art and craft.

A griot sings, celebrates, shares — but most of all, a griot remembers.

I am a young griot living in Bay Area, California. I come from a rich legacy of artists, musicians, and storytellers, many of whom settled on the west side of Chicago. At age 16, I left home for another world. My life seemed to head down a different path, one that had me feeling distant from my roots. However, the Institute taught me to view my trajectory forward not as a misstep, but as an evolution of the family creed. I learned balance. I embraced the dichotomy. I am the artist and the technologist, the voice and the hand.

As a griot, I seek to honor and advance the traditions of my people with art & technology.

I work mainly with graphics and photos. I began as a storyteller for some of the most influential forces of our time. I've since become consumed with creating magical customer experiences. Currently I am a designer at Walker and Company Brands, a movement focused on making health and beauty simple for people that share my heritage.



Starting my career in advertising, my strength lies in website design, branding and photography.

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