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Reflections of My Mother

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day here in the US.

A young Jacquelyn Eagle feeding her eldest twin Quinnton Harris cake at his 2-year birthday party
A young Jacquelyn Eagle feeding her eldest twin Quinnton Harris cake at his 2-year birthday party

I took time to curate a heartfelt message on Instagram with some of my favorites photos of my mother, Jacquelyn J. Eagle, and our family.

My mother called me later in the evening to share that she loved the post. However I would have never guessed what followed our conversation. One minute after hanging up the phone with her, she texted me this note—

So over the years I have collected some of the most beautiful words that you shared about me. Today I have combined them, not in the exact order that you shared them, but in [accordance] with the flow and theme. The only thing that I changed is the very last sentence [And you’ll understand why].

To my surprise, my mother had creatively strung together messages I’ve written for her over the past 5-6 years into a touching tribute. It’s almost as if she completed the lyrics to a song I’ve had in my heart for years. I’m admittedly blown away not only by her masterful wordsmith-ing abilities but also deeply touched that she payed so much attention to everything I said over the years.

The reflection reads—

I am so incredibly proud of this woman. The evolution of Jackie J has been one of the most fascinating stories that I’ve ever witnessed and I am sure that the story of her life will be legendary for generations to come.
She is a different woman than when I first met her. She is stronger, wiser, braver and realer. She has gracefully transitioned from being my mom, to being one of my best friends. It’s been an honor to watch her grow up right in front of my eyes; something I only thought a parent would have the pleasure of experiencing. I’m sure most parents feel a sense of joy and honor watching their kids grow up before their very eyes. Well, I can honestly say that it’s been just as rewarding to bear witness to my mother transcendence to her rightful place as matriarch of our family.
Her beautiful soul is dyed with the vibrant colors of her experiences, her heritage, and her dreams. Her warm smile draws you in and her infinite wisdom keeps you hooked.
She is the hostess with the mostest, an intense scholar, a soulful craftsman, an iconic figure and an amazing storyteller.
She has dedicated her life to ensuring her children grow to be whole and peaceful men. And through the good times and bad times, she has always tried to be as honest as possible.
She shares her heart with us everyday to the best of her ability, and because of this, our family has been able to love each other unconditionally, talk openly about our struggles, mend broken hearts and invite others to share in this love.
It is her that I use as an example to love others. No qualifications. No earning it. No ulterior motives. Just love. She continues to show me what this life is all about.
She has been through so much lately, but she is always there for you with a smile and a cheerful word. She doesn’t wear her issues on her shoulders. She lets the experiences of each day free her. She teaches me to reflect, be mindful of the blessings and to heal.
She shares stories of my family and my heritage. She is shaping the man that I am becoming. She is the OG. The Original Griot. She is wise. Full of God’s love.
She faces her fears every morning and she is dedicated to a life of love, faith and strength.
Her love walk with God and us has been truly a divine demonstration for what we should all strive for in life — a generous spirit, a healed relationship to family, and a purpose driven life. Her life journey is a living testimony that love takes time, patience, perseverance and humility.
Her love has ministered to me through my darkest moments, and has encouraged in me some of my brightest moments.
She continues to be a light to me and my tribe, and I am one of the luckiest sons in this world.
She is one bad Sistah. The Matriarch. The Original Queen. A role model. My gift from God. My Mother... And she is my Maya Angelou now and forever!

Jackie & Quinnton. 1991.
Jackie & Quinnton. 1991.

Simply wow.

I am left speechless every time I read it. My heart is full of joy. A revelation of my mother vision of my mother fully realized. If you’re curious, here are a few posts that my mother borrowed copy from:

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Post 4

And if this wasn’t enough of a tear jerking, my mother wrote me another note today further expressing her gratitude toward me.

Quinnton you are the son whose spirit I crushed the most with my harsh, critical, fault finding attitude. I realized about 15 years ago that I was a very hurt, broken and fearful woman and I needed to change. To read these words from you is worth all of the challenges that I’ve had to face to be the woman that I am today. I’m so grateful that I’m not seen as that former mother / woman to my children or myself anymore. I hope that the woman that is showing up in your life now, continues to be all that you are experiencing and even more My King. ❤️🖤💚

Jacquelyn Eagle, smiling from her bedroom in Orlando, FL. 2015.
Jacquelyn Eagle, smiling from her bedroom in Orlando, FL. 2015.

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