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Reflection on Blavity, Inc.

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

On June 19, 2018, my company entered the next chapter of its story. The next day, we honored the succession of a co-founder.

Marissa Denise Wilson, Director, Digital Products - Blavity, Inc.
Marissa Denise Wilson, Director, Digital Products - Blavity, Inc.

This week has been nothing short of motivating.

Not only did my company launch it’s new corporate brand identity on Juneteenthwe honored the succession of one of our greatest visionaries, Jonathan D. Jackson. It’s an incredible feeling to gift this work to Jon as a summation and continuation of his legacy as Corporate Brand Lead.

More than ever, I’m realizing it’s important for me, for US, to share our work and collective story early and often. Perfection is not progress. Progress is progress. While spearheading the internal initiative alongside our Editorial and Business Development teams, I witnessed firsthand our deep commitment to growth as an organization. I can’t even begin to express how proud of I am of not just the work we produced but the process we underwent together to do it.

We are a team that is as diverse as the audience we serve, working relentlessly from cities and countries around the world to disrupt and reclaim our narratives.

-Morgan DeBaun

I want to take a moment to celebrate US. Thank you Morgan DeBaun, Jonathan Jackson, Jeff Nelson and Aaron Samuels for such a strong and clear vision. Thank you Lilly Workneh for being the giant who’s shoulders I stood upon throughout the project. Thank you Simone for your stewardship and support. Thank you Sankara Sauvignon, Christian Jones & Cadienne Obeng for being on the front lines with us in the final hour. Thank you Engineering team for the all the late nights and weekends.

And I extend especial thank you my Creative team Anthony Crawford, Hasani Tyus & Tyler Barnett — you all are the heart and soul behind this project. Thank you for your commitment and patience over the past few months. There’s still much work to be done, but I am confident we got the special sauce to keep cultivating our ideas and bringing this dream to live.

Presenting Blavity, reintroduced. We are Blavity, Inc., and our growing empire is comprised

Blavity, Shadow and Act, AfroTech, 21Ninety and Travel Noire… with hopes of more to come.

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