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Quinnton Harris | Designer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Black Business Owner, Photographer, Editor X, Shaun J Wright, Ariel Belgrave Harris, Neko Harris, Jacquelyn Eagle, Gym Hooky, Retrospect, Retrospect Studios, Blavity, Walker and Company, Publicis Sapient | Forbes 40 under 40, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Alvin Ailey, GM Financial, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, alumni, black man

I took a well-needed, and well-deserved, break from work as a full-time creative professional.

With the full support of my wife and family, I left my role as Blavity’s first Creative Director to focus on myself, my family and my dreams. I hustled in the start-up world for almost five years and simply put, I was tired. April 1, 2019 I delivered my resignation letter, ending it with the quote “Find your purpose or you wastin’ air” from the late Nipsey Hussle, the day after the hip-hop icon and prophet was assassinated.


During this time my personal well-being took first priority. I focused on reconnecting to my spiritual beliefs and inner values. I focused on facing my vices, healing past traumas, and mending broken relationships. I focused on breaking my addiction to superficial accolades as well as fighting my uphill battle with imposter syndrome. I knew that if I wanted to ever be in a position to truly serve others, I needed to first invest in myself. I could no longer give from an empty reservoir. I needed to refill my creative inspiration, build better self-care habits, face my on-going battle with panic disorder and ultimately, become a better life partner.

Wazi Maret, Lower East Side, NYC. April 2019.

Wazi Maret in New York

Sofia Mohammed, Harlem, NYC. April 2019.

Sofia Mohammed in Harlem

I could no longer give from an empty reservoir.

Saturday morning brunch with Randal Jacobs, Harlem, NYC. April 2019.

Randal Jacobs, Harlem NYC. April 2019.

Randal Jacobs Harlem NYC April 2019
Randal Jacobs Harlem NYC April 2019
Randal Jacobs Harlem NYC April 2019

I initially carved out 3 months. 

initially carved out 3 months. When I landed my opportunity with John Maeda in September 2019, I decided to take off the remainder of the year. I experienced as many downs as I did ups. I learned to be kinder to myself. I focused on reshaping my confidence and esteem. I spent time with family and friends. I returned to old stomping grounds to reconnect to parts of myself I long buried.  I drew closer mentors like Jason Mayden, Squint, and DeVaris Brown. I took time to fully grieve the loss of one of my best friends. I truly uncovered parts of myself I didn’t have the knowledge nor had the capacity to deal with before.


I also made things — I created a strategy to rebrand myself. I formed a creative collective with Tamara Peña and Selena Davant. I curated photo walks for young creatives to grow as technicians and muses. I organized community events. I took over 1000 photos in 35mm film. I fell back in love with the process of creating with my heart.

Selena Davant, Mission District, SF. April 2019.

Selena Davant San Francisco April 2019

Squint and his son, Palo Alto, CA. May 2019.

Squint Photographer Palo Alto May 2019

Squint's family, Palo Alto, CA. May 2019.

Squint Photographer Palo Alto May 2019
Squint Photographer Palo Alto May 2019

I knew that if I wanted to ever be in a position to serve others, I needed to first invest in myself. 

Portrait of 77 Mass Ave, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. April 2019.

77 massachusetts ave mit april 2019 black and white photography

Madeline Hawes, San Francisco, CA. May 2019.

madeline hawes stanford gsb may 2019

Jamen, Brockton, MA. June 2019.

prince jamen brockton massachusetts

Portraits of Memphis Legends, Eso Tolson and Darius B. Williams, Memphis, TN. April 2019.

darius b williams memphis tn april 2019
elso tolson memphis tn april 2019

Darryn's Boys, Raleigh, NC. June 2019.

darryn lee ayishia devonish wedding raleigh nc 2019

My time brought me more clarity than I could ever imagine.

While I have more living and growing to do, I believe this opportunity to reset my life put me on a better path toward happiness and inner prosperity. Amidst all of this, I turned 30 years old on September 1st.

2019 was truly a transformative year for me.

ariel belgrave harris hawaii may 2019

Ariel Belgrave Harris, Waimea Bay, Hawaii. May 2019.

Waimea Bay, Hawaii. May 2019.

Waimea Bay Hawaii May 2019

AudreyRose Wooden, myself, Larry Kamguia, and Kyle Sherwood, San Francisco, CA. August 2019.

AudreyRose Wooden Quinnton Harris Larry Kamguia Kyle Sherwood

Xavier at work, Oakland, CA. July 2019.

Xavier Renard Cunningham Oakland California
SF Pride 2019
SF Pride 2019
SF Pride 2019

San Francisco Pride Festival. Kodak Portra 400, 35mm. June 2019.

SF Pride 2019



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