pt. I, Editorial

In 2013, I released a project called L’Académie. I did something I’ve never done before: I curated a space where for educators and aspiring talent could have an authentic experience creating fashion editorial work. I had never done an editorial project before. I had never directed models on a shoot as a photographer. I had never run a day-long shoot with multiple scenes and wardrobe changes. With a little curiosity for fashion photography and a burning passion to connect the people in my world, I collaborated with my friends to bring my concept to life.

"I wanted to create an editorial spread telling the story of academic spaces like MIT through art and fashion."


Men of primal instinct. Passionate and often irrational, yet majestic. Gentlemen.


Insatiable darlings curious to find where they fit. Evocative.


Dining in the presence of enemies. Contempt controls who sits. Entitlement.


Insatiable darlings curious to find where they fit. Evocative.

Pupils listen to speak. And a fool’s mouth is his ruin. Contention.

Infatuation leads the heart down the path of painful desire. Lust.


Revelations of authenticity, voice and power come in the wee hours of self discovery. Integration.

Quinnton Harris
Sir Randal Jacobs
Nathaniel Porter, Jr.

Shaun J. Wright DJ & Curator

DeShauné Elder
Allen Hargrove
Quinnton Harris

Rodriguo Davies
Tara Ebsworth
Andrew Farrell
Arbana Grembi
Quinton McArthur
Alan Kwesi Phillips
Nathaniel Porter, Jr.
Adeeti Ullal

Production Crew

Akira-Adel Stylist & Coach
Ariel Belgrave Producer
Tara Ebsworth Assistant
Feda Eid Make-up Artist
Quinnnton Harris Photographer
Randal Jacobs Art Director
Jeffrey Lin Videographer


Omar Campbell
Nu Delta Fraternity, Inc
Boomerang Vintage Clothiers
Bobby from Boston (RIP)

Shooting Location

Nu Delta Fraternity MIT
Boston, MA

An Unexpected Journey

Read more on how the project got started and watch exclusive videos from the day of the shoot.

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